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Online cargo insurance services, allowing users to obtain instant quotes, purchase coverage, and manage their policies. It caters to shippers and logistics providers, providing protection against loss or damage during transit for various types of cargo. The platform emphasizes convenience and efficiency in securing insurance.


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Damage/Loss during a Transport
How will the carrier protect you?


CIO Cargo Insurance Online

Standard Convention

Maximum Liability
SDR 19 or USD 26.22 per kilo

Example of Total LOSS/BROKEN
5 boxes – 89 kgs 
Value: $39,500


AIRLINE will pay $2,333
YOUR LOSS: $37,167


CARGO INSURE ONLINE will pay $39,105

(deductible of 1%, max $500)

Cargo Insure Online Premium

Usd. 47.40

CIO Cargo Insurance Online

Standard Convention
Hague – Visby Rules

Maximum Liability
SDR 666.67/pkg or SDR 2/kilo

Example of Total LOSS/BROKEN
1 x 20’DV – 7,649 kgs
Value: $126,800


SHIPPING LINE will pay $21,111
YOUR LOSS: $105,689


CARGO INSURE ONLINE will pay $125,300

(deductible of 1%, max $500)

Cargo Insure Online Premium

Usd. 152.16

CIO Cargo Insurance Online

Standard Convention
CMR Convention

Maximum Liability
SDR 19/kilo

Example of Total LOSS/BROKEN
12 crates – 1,826 kgs
Value: $24,200


TRUCKING Co will pay $12,967
YOUR LOSS: $12,967


CARGO INSURE ONLINE will pay $23,958

(deductible of 1%, max $500)

Cargo Insure Online Premium

Usd. 29.04

CIO Cargo Insurance Online

Standard Convention
by Courier company

Maximum Liability
USD 100

Example of Total LOSS/BROKEN
1 box – 4 kgs
Value: $760


COURIER will pay $100



(no deductible for e-Commerce)

Cargo Insure Online Premium

Usd. 7.60

Our Services

Cargo Insure Online

Global Reach

Cargo Insure Online provide a global coverage for shipments, ensuring comprehensive protection for cargo worldwide

CIO Cargo Insurance Online

Door-to-Door Coverage

Cargo is insured from Door-to-Door for complete coverage

Cargo Insure Online

Competitive Rates

Enjoy attractive rates that vary based on the number of shipments you cover with us

Cargo Insure Online

All Commodities Considered

Insure all types of goods, including high-value fragile, perishable, containerized, or bulk cargo

CIO Cargo Insurance Online

A+ Insurance

Our partners score operating insurance companies maintain financial strength rating for AA standard & Poor's, and A++ from A.M.Best

Cargo Insure Online

Shipping method

Airfreight, Sea Freight, Trucking, Train, Courier companies

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Courier services - Insurance coverage

When shipping valuable goods, it’s essential to understand the liability limits provided by different courier services. Here’s a quick overview to evaluate these limits and consider additional insurance to fully protect your valuable shipments


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CIO Cargo Insurance Online

Rest API Integration

Streamline Your Shipping Insurance with Our REST API

Are you managing over 500 shipments per month? Simplify your insurance process with Cargo Insure Online’s REST API. Designed for seamless integration, our API allows you to easily connect your ERP system to our platform, ensuring your shipments are covered effortlessly.

Key Benefits:
• Efficiency: Automate insurance for all your shipments.
• Simplicity: Easy integration with your existing ERP system.
• Competitive Rates: Leverage our partnership with top insurers to get
the best rates.

Get started today and experience the ease of comprehensive global
shipment coverage with our robust API solution. Contact for more information

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