Cargo Insure Online offers global door-to-door coverage for all types of shipments, including high-value, fragile, perishable, containerized, or bulk cargo. With attractive rates based on shipment volume and partnerships with top-rated insurance companies (AA from Standard & Poor’s and A++ from A.M. Best), they ensure comprehensive protection for air, sea, road, and rail freight, as well as courier services.

Cargo Insure Online

Global Reach

Cargo Insure Online provide a global coverage for shipments, ensuring comprehensive protection for cargo worldwide

CIO Our Services

Door-to-Door Coverage

Cargo is insured from Door-to-Door for complete coverage

Cargo Insure Online

Competitive Rates

Enjoy attractive rates that vary based on the number of shipments you cover with us

Cargo Insure Online

All Commodities Considered

Insure all types of goods, including high-value fragile, perishable, containerized, or bulk cargo

CIO Our Services

A+ Insurance

Our partners score operating insurance companies maintain financial strength rating for AA standard & Poor's, and A++ from A.M.Best

Cargo Insure Online

Shipping method

Airfreight, Sea Freight, Trucking, Train, Courier companies

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