Insurance for DHL shipments

Cargo Insure Online is a third-party insurance that covers your DHL parcels at a more competitive price. Ship your DHL parcel as you usually do and insure it in a few clicks on our website.

Save up to 80% | Coverage up to $120,000 | Protection against loss, theft, and damage

Insurance for DHL Shipments

DHL is a reliable and globally recognized carrier, a leader in express parcel delivery. With guaranteed delivery times and express offers of 24 to 48 hours, DHL is an excellent choice for shipping packages abroad or nationally.

DHL provides deliveries with electronic signatures, making them compatible with Cargo Insure Online insurance. Several solutions are available for sending your DHL parcel. You can choose to send it directly through the carrier or through online shipping platforms that often offer more competitive pricing.


Why Should You Use Our DHL Insurance?

Cargo Insure Online saves you up to 80% and insures all your valuable items up to $120,000 per parcel. If you’re looking to insure your package domestically or internationally, you may find that most carriers’ insurances are expensive and do not cover valuable or high-risk items. Cargo Insure Online, our digital insurance service, is ready to insure nearly any item that another carrier might reject: watches, jewelry, high-tech devices, vintage items, collectibles, mobile phones, etc

Insuring your parcel with us also means you don’t need to disclose the actual value to the carrier (except for customs purposes). Parcel handlers won’t know if anything valuable is inside. If something goes wrong during transit, our team will assist you throughout the claim process to ensure fast compensation.

Claim Management

Cargo Insure Online has dedicated agents focused on assisting you with your claims. Most valid claims are settled within 30 days from when the carrier provides a certificate of loss or damage.


Our insurance coverage goes up to $120,000 and includes many items excluded from DHL's complementary insurance, such as watches, high-tech devices, and second-hand items.


Once your parcel is insured with Cargo Insure Online, you will receive an email with shipping instructions and information about what to do if something goes wrong during transit. DHL Express is a top-notch carrier providing express deliveries worldwide, but their insurance costs can be high.

Damage/Loss during a Transport | How will the carrier protect you?


Insurance for DHL Shipments

Standard Convention

Maximum Liability
SDR 19 or USD 26.22 per kilo

Example of Total LOSS/BROKEN
5 boxes – 89 kgs 
Value: $39,500


AIRLINE will pay $2,333
YOUR LOSS: $37,167


CARGO INSURE ONLINE will pay $39,105

(deductible of 1%, max $500)

Cargo Insure Online Premium

Usd. 47.40

Insurance for DHL Shipments

Standard Convention
Hague – Visby Rules

Maximum Liability
SDR 666.67/pkg or SDR 2/kilo

Example of Total LOSS/BROKEN
1 x 20’DV – 7,649 kgs
Value: $126,800


SHIPPING LINE will pay $21,111
YOUR LOSS: $105,689


CARGO INSURE ONLINE will pay $125,300

(deductible of 1%, max $500)

Cargo Insure Online Premium

Usd. 152.16

Insurance for DHL Shipments

Standard Convention
CMR Convention

Maximum Liability
SDR 19/kilo

Example of Total LOSS/BROKEN
12 crates – 1,826 kgs
Value: $24,200


TRUCKING Co will pay $12,967
YOUR LOSS: $12,967


CARGO INSURE ONLINE will pay $23,958

(deductible of 1%, max $500)

Cargo Insure Online Premium

Usd. 29.04

Insurance for DHL Shipments

Standard Convention
by Courier company

Maximum Liability
USD 100

Example of Total LOSS/BROKEN
1 box – 4 kgs
Value: $760


COURIER will pay $100



(no deductible for e-Commerce)

Cargo Insure Online Premium

Usd. 7.60

Cargo Insure Online

QuEstions you may have

Yes, DHL is fully compatible with our online parcel insurance. Just ensure you are using signed-on delivery.

Insure your DHL shipment in just a few clicks. Create your account, add a credit card, and fill in the short insurance form. Have the DHL tracking number ready and enter it on the Cargo Insure Online form.

Our insurance works in all countries except those experiencing war or under embargo.

Absolutely! Cargo Insure Online uses a “pay as you go” model. You can choose to insure one or multiple parcels. We also offer an API to insure a higher volume of parcels directly from your website, convenient for companies. If interested, contact us at

We work with all carriers offering direct delivery with signature. Thousands of carriers are accepted as long as they provide an online tracking system.

We do not accept sea carriers that only provide container shipments.

You must buy the insurance no later than the day of shipment. If your shipment is picked up in the morning, you have until 11:59 PM to insure it. Simply go to our website and fill in the insurance form.

The earlier, the better, but no later than 14 days after the pick-up date by DHL.

We recommend sending a written complaint to DHL and trying to locate the parcel. Check the DHL tracking system daily.

Cargo Insure Online is reachable 7 days a week by email at If you wish to be called, send us your phone number, and we will call you back.

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