Insurance for FedEx shipments

Cargo Insure Online is a third-party insurance that covers your FedEx parcels during transit. We insures your FedEx parcels at the most competitive rates, covering all high-risk items that are often excluded or limited by FedEx insurance.

Save up to 40% | Coverage up to $120,000 | Protection against loss, theft, and damage

Insurance for FedEx Shipments

FedEx operates similarly to other carriers: the sender prepares the merchandise, packages it appropriately, and after labeling it, it is handed over to the expert hands of the carrier. Within a few days, the recipient receives the parcel at their doorstep. If the recipient is absent, a delivery slip is left in the mailbox, allowing for parcel pickup at a collection point. If the recipient is present, they may need to sign for the package. For valuable shipments, it is advisable to secure an insurance policy to protect against theft, loss, or damage during transit.

With insurance, liability for theft, loss, or damage during transportation falls under the carrier’s responsibility, ensuring protection for your shipments and potential reimbursement if necessary. FedEx, like all carriers, offers its own insurance. But is it sufficient for your needs? We provide all the details you need to decide! FedEx offers outstanding shipping services and fast deliveries. For example, it only takes 2-3 days for a package to travel from the US to Australia. Most FedEx shipping methods include delivery confirmation, making them compatible with Cargo Insure Online insurance.


Why Should You Use Our FedEx Insurance?

Cargo Insure Online saves you up to 30% and covers all your valuable goods up to $120,000 per parcel. Whether you’re insuring a package domestically or internationally, you might find that many carriers’ insurance options are costly and do not cover valuable or high-risk items. Cargo Insure Online, our digital insurance platform, is ready to insure almost any item that other carriers might reject.

Cargo Insure Online insures 99% of goods sold online, even the most risky: watches, jewelry, phones, laptops, collectibles, etc. We aim to insure your product at its true worth without additional fees or costs. Insuring your parcel with us means you do not need to disclose the actual value to the carrier (except for customs purposes). Parcel handlers won’t know if any valuable item is inside. If something goes wrong during transit, our team will assist you throughout the claim process to ensure fast compensation.

Claim Management

Cargo Insure Online offers excellent after-sales service. We have a dedicated online claims platform where our agents can assist you through the claim process. Our goal is to provide compensation for lost or damaged parcels within 30 days of receiving all valid documents.


Our coverage extends up to $120,000 per parcel and includes items typically excludead or limited by FedEx, such as watches, jewelry, high-tech devices, and mobile phones.


If your FedEx parcel is delayed or encounters issues during transit, we recommend first opening a claim with FedEx. If necessary, we will assist you in obtaining proof of loss or damage from the carrier. FedEx is one of the top carriers for fast shipping, but their insurance costs can be high.

Damage/Loss during a Transport | How will the carrier protect you?



Standard Convention

Maximum Liability
SDR 19 or USD 26.22 per kilo

Example of Total LOSS/BROKEN
5 boxes – 89 kgs 
Value: $39,500

AIRLINE will pay $2,333
YOUR LOSS: $37,167

CARGO INSURE ONLINE will pay $39,105

(deductible of 1%, max $500)

Cargo Insure Online Premium

Usd. 47.40


Standard Convention
Hague – Visby Rules

Maximum Liability
SDR 666.67/pkg or SDR 2/kilo

Example of Total LOSS/BROKEN
1 x 20’DV – 7,649 kgs
Value: $126,800

SHIPPING LINE will pay $21,111
YOUR LOSS: $105,689

CARGO INSURE ONLINE will pay $125,300

(deductible of 1%, max $500)

Cargo Insure Online Premium

Usd. 152.16


Standard Convention
CMR Convention

Maximum Liability
SDR 19/kilo

Example of Total LOSS/BROKEN
12 crates – 1,826 kgs
Value: $24,200

TRUCKING Co will pay $12,967
YOUR LOSS: $12,967

CARGO INSURE ONLINE will pay $23,958

(deductible of 1%, max $500)

Cargo Insure Online Premium

Usd. 29.04

Insurance for FedEx Shipments

Standard Convention
by Courier company

Maximum Liability
USD 100

Example of Total LOSS/BROKEN
1 box – 4 kgs
Value: $760

COURIER will pay $100


(no deductible for e-Commerce)

Cargo Insure Online Premium

Usd. 7.60

Cargo Insure Online

QuEstions you may have

Yes, you can. We insure thousands of FedEx parcels every month.

ou can insure your parcel from anywhere in the world, except for countries at war or under embargo.

Our service is available to everyone, whether you are a large company or an individual customer.

Yes, we work with thousands of carriers and shippers.

Sea carriers offering only container shipments. Just ensure you select a “signed-for” shipping service.

You must insure your FedEx package using Cargo Insure Online on the same day of consignment, before 11:59 PM.

First, submit a written claim to FedEx. Then, contact Cargo Insure Online and open a claim within 14 days after the shipping date.

If you notice issues in the package tracking system, contact FedEx and Cargo Insure Online to open a claim.

Our support team is available 24/7 by email. If you need a callback, please send us your phone number, and we will contact you.

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