Insurance for UPS shipments

Cargo Insure Online is a third-party insurance that offers competitive insurance for your UPS parcels. Insure your UPS parcels with Cargo Insure Online and save up to 40% on the insurance. Ship your parcel as usual and secure it on our website with just a few clicks.

Save up to 40% | Coverage up to $120,000 | Protection against loss, theft, and damage

Insurance for UPS Shipments

UPS began as a small courier service founded by enterprising teenagers with a $100 loan. Today, UPS operates in more than 220 countries and territories, employing over 500,000 people worldwide. UPS has become a leader in transportation and logistics, offering innovative solutions to individuals and businesses of all sizes.

UPS is a very reliable carrier in the United States, Europe, and Asia. UPS is one of the best-known carriers globally, with over 500,000 employees. UPS delivers 15.6 million parcels and documents per day to more than 200 countries. The deliveries are very fast, allowing you to ship worldwide in 24-48 hours. You can ship your UPS package from an official carrier store or book the shipment online through shipping services. Most UPS deliveries include a signature upon delivery, making them compatible with Cargo Insure Online insurance.


Why Should You Use Our UPS Insurance?

Cargo Insure Online saves you up to 40% and protects all your valuable goods up to $120,000 per parcel. If you’re looking for third-party insurance, you may have noticed that UPS insurance is expensive and doesn’t cover certain items prone to theft. Additionally, the list of excluded goods is extensive.

Cargo Insure Online insures 99% of goods sold online, even the riskiest: watches, jewelry, phones, laptops, second-hand items, luxury goods, etc. We offer coverage up to $120,000, which includes full reimbursement for the value of your product in case of loss or theft. If your item is damaged in transit, our insurance will cover the repair costs or provide full compensation if it cannot be fixed. Insuring with us means you don’t need to disclose the actual value of your package to UPS (except for customs purposes). This ensures that UPS staff won’t know if there’s a valuable item inside.

Claim Management

As an online insurance company, we have a dedicated team to assist you with any issues or additional information. Our team will help you with your insurance claim to ensure you get compensated for lost or damaged goods. If something goes wrong during transit, such as delays or other issues, please open a claim within 14 days of the shipping date to ensure coverage by Cargo Insure Online.


Our coverage includes all high-risk items that are excluded or limited by UPS, such as watches, jewelry, artwork, high-tech devices, second-hand items, and collectibles, as well as standard items.


Our goal is to inform our customers of the shipping instructions that apply to the insurance policy. Before shipping your parcel, please review our instructions and contact our team if you need any assistance. UPS is a well-known carrier offering fast deliveries worldwide, but their insurance rates can be high.

Damage/Loss during a Transport | How will the carrier protect you?


Insurance for UPS Shipments

Standard Convention

Maximum Liability
SDR 19 or USD 26.22 per kilo

Example of Total LOSS/BROKEN
5 boxes – 89 kgs 
Value: $39,500


AIRLINE will pay $2,333
YOUR LOSS: $37,167


CARGO INSURE ONLINE will pay $39,105

(deductible of 1%, max $500)

Cargo Insure Online Premium

Usd. 47.40

Insurance for UPS Shipments

Standard Convention
Hague – Visby Rules

Maximum Liability
SDR 666.67/pkg or SDR 2/kilo

Example of Total LOSS/BROKEN
1 x 20’DV – 7,649 kgs
Value: $126,800


SHIPPING LINE will pay $21,111
YOUR LOSS: $105,689


CARGO INSURE ONLINE will pay $125,300

(deductible of 1%, max $500)

Cargo Insure Online Premium

Usd. 152.16

Insurance for UPS Shipments

Standard Convention
CMR Convention

Maximum Liability
SDR 19/kilo

Example of Total LOSS/BROKEN
12 crates – 1,826 kgs
Value: $24,200


TRUCKING Co will pay $12,967
YOUR LOSS: $12,967


CARGO INSURE ONLINE will pay $23,958

(deductible of 1%, max $500)

Cargo Insure Online Premium

Usd. 29.04

Insurance for UPS Shipments

Standard Convention
by Courier company

Maximum Liability
USD 100

Example of Total LOSS/BROKEN
1 box – 4 kgs
Value: $760


COURIER will pay $100



(no deductible for e-Commerce)

Cargo Insure Online Premium

Usd. 7.60

Cargo Insure Online

QuEstions you may have

Absolutely! You can insure your UPS parcel with Cargo Insure Online. We insure thousands of UPS packages monthly.

You can insure your package in just 2 minutes on Cargo Insure Online. Sign in, add a payment card, and go to our insurance form. Have the UPS tracking number ready and enter it on the form.

Yes, but only if it’s an international shipment. Domestic shipments within the USA aren’t covered.

Absolutely, there is no minimum requirement.

Yes, our insurance works with thousands of carriers.

Cargo Insure Online excludes marine carriers that only offer container shipping. Otherwise, we accept all carriers for our insurance! Just ensure you buy a “signed-for” delivery service.

You must insure your UPS package on the same day of consignment before 11:59 PM. This means you should send your parcel and buy the insurance on the same day.

First, address a written claim to UPS. Then, contact Cargo Insure Online’s client service team to start the refund procedure.

If your package is delayed, send a claim to UPS and ask for an update. Check the UPS tracking system daily.

For assistance or additional information, our support team is available 7 days a week by email at If you wish to be called, send us your phone number, and we will call you back.

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